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s it is considered the capital of business in Brazil, the City of São Paulo offers a wide variety of courses in the most varied areas. Our hotel contains an excellent location, close to the subway giving you easy access to places of learning.

Exposições e Feiras

The city of São Paulo encompasses more than 300 fairs, fairs and exhibitions, offering versatility, variety and practicality. Among the most famous, we can highlight Expo São Paulo, which contains more than 5 air-conditioned pavilions, rooms for congresses and meetings and simultaneous events

25 de Março

Recognized as the largest shopping center in Latin America, the 25th of March has the most varied prices, products and much more. The place is known as a shopping center for merchants, however, it is possible to get retail products at prices well below the market.


If the reason for your trip is for health treatments and/or accompaniments, our hotel will be the right option for you. São Paulo is home to some of the largest treatment centers for various diseases, as well as offering a variety of offices and hospitals

Avenida Paulista

This tour is one of the most important for your experience in São Paulo to be complete. Gaze at the Latin stone jungle, be surrounded by beautiful, modern buildings, exclusive shops and a hearty gastronomic hub.

Bom Retiro

Bom Retiro is a classic fashion district in the city, with many selling clothes, fabrics and accessories, Bom Retiro is a popular place for tourists and locals in search of exclusive shopping and gastronomic tours.


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